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"Only with Locksmith Los Angeles did I receive the service that is expected from a professional locksmith company. From beginning to end I was really impressed with the whole experience and I will be using them again." - Rating: 10/ 10

"It was 6am and I went to grab my newspaper in my dressing gown and boom there was my door closing behind me. Lucky for me my neighbor was up so I could use the phone and have this company came out to get me back in. They were there within 30 minutes and had me back in my house before my coffee got cold, thanks team." - Rating: 10/ 10

"They came out to me within the hour and managed to change the look quickly for a price I was more than happy with. They are a very professional locksmith service and a pleasure to deal with." - Rating: 10/ 10

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Automotive Locksmith

As cars become more advanced so do the locking mechanisms, this is a double edged sword because while new technology brings great advancements but it also brings more cost for when something breaks down. Most locks on new cars are laser etched and computer chip coded so if something happens you need a locksmith that has the right computer tools to get you back in the car. It just so happens that we have all the latest tools to get this done for you, we can get you back in that car seat and the engine started without a scratch or scrape to the vehicle.

Here is break down of the most common car mishaps; if you are joining this statistic then you are really not alone.

  • 50% of auto locksmith calls are from keys being left in the car and closed.
  • 25% is from car keys being snapped in the ignition.
  • 25% of calls are for key cutting services for a spare key.

These are the most common automobile locksmith issues that we encounter, and even we have been guilty of locking keys in the car. It's a very common mistake to happen and it will probably happen to you more than once in a lifetime.

What we recommend is if you have a spare car key then give it to a close friend or relative who is in the area. This way if you do get locked out and its local they can drive out to get you back in the car and that way you save on using a locksmith service.

If you are always having issues with locking your keys in the car you can now get a unit that will work with your phone so you can remotely open the car with your phone from anywhere. The unit is called Viper smart start and works with the iphone to not only open the car but start it. You can install it on multiple vehicles so if you own more than one car then you can use the phone to open and start any of them, you have to love innovation.