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"Only with Locksmith Los Angeles did I receive the service that is expected from a professional locksmith company. From beginning to end I was really impressed with the whole experience and I will be using them again." - Rating: 10/ 10

"It was 6am and I went to grab my newspaper in my dressing gown and boom there was my door closing behind me. Lucky for me my neighbor was up so I could use the phone and have this company came out to get me back in. They were there within 30 minutes and had me back in my house before my coffee got cold, thanks team." - Rating: 10/ 10

"They came out to me within the hour and managed to change the look quickly for a price I was more than happy with. They are a very professional locksmith service and a pleasure to deal with." - Rating: 10/ 10

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Commercial Locksmith

Some businesses count on access control to let their staff in others opt for keys, the bottom line is all these devices still have locks. Might it be automated or manual when the lock needs changing we are the guys to phone.

80% of phone calls that come through to us are for normal manual lock and key issues, so we are really on top of getting a barrel and lock changed out quickly.

Sometimes a business owner might have a disgruntled staff member who was key holder and let go of. The owner has every right to be worried once that employee leaves because who knows if they made a copy or even gave the key back. For the sake of peace of mind and to keep the businesses safe we can come and change the lock out and supply new keys for a very cheap price. You might also want to consider having a coded lock fitted, this way you can change the code up every time a staff member leaves so you get to keep the lock and not hand out keys. This is a sure fire way to help not only yourself out but your staff members also.

Because our business works pretty much every day of the year at every hour imaginable you will always have support from us for your business. If you have a break in at a crazy hour of the night and need us to come out we will do that for you no question about it.

The one bit of advice we tell our customers is if you are shopping around for locksmith quotes is make sure the locksmith is licensed. We are licensed and most businesses are but there will be a few out there that play by their own rules. So don't get stung by a shady outfit; go with someone who has credentials who will not take you to the cleaners for having some work done.

Next time you need any commercial work done on a grand scale give us a call and we will come out and do a walk through. This way we can see what areas you want securing and we can give you some options in different price ranges and provide the best price that suits you.