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  • Home locksmith Service
  • Key Duplication
  • Automotive locksmith
  • Safe and Vault opening
  • 24 hour locksmith
  • Licensed locksmiths
  • Commercial Lock installation

Our Testimonials

Hazel Lavender

"Only with Locksmith Torrance did I receive the service that is expected from a professional locksmith company. From beginning to end I was really impressed with the whole experience and I will be using them again."

Wes Auld

"It was 6am and I went to grab my newspaper in my dressing gown and boom there was my door closing behind me. Lucky for me my neighbor was up so I could use the phone and have this company came out to get me back in. They were there within 30 minutes and had me back in my house before my coffee got cold, thanks team."

Robert Canter

"They came out to me within the hour and managed to change the look quickly for a price I was more than happy with. They are a very professional locksmith service and a pleasure to deal with."

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Locksmith Services Torrance

Our locksmiths in Torrance have solutions for all your needs.

On some occasions you can call a locksmith in Torrance and they will say “I will be there in 30 minutes” when realistically they are nowhere near Torrance and they do not have local locksmiths in that area. This will not only be a nightmare in an emergency because you could be waiting hours while they are trying to get to you from who knows where. But this could mean you are sat on your doorstep or stood outside your car for hours!

Our locksmiths will always be working around the clocks in Torrance so they are never more than 20 to 30 minutes away from you. Never be left waiting again we are not in the business of standing up our clients or bad time keeping which is a pet peeve for our company.

We not only work on residential homes but commercial buildings also, we are a very equipped and well staffed locksmith company with a diverse team who deal in different skills.

Do you have a safe or vault that needs opening? Then our safe and vault specialist team will not only get it open for you very quickly, most the time they can do it without the need to drill it and render it useless. They can also advise you on the best new safes on the market that can protect your valuables; some even have GPS technology so if someone manages to steal the whole safe it can be tracked in real time.

Our auto locksmith team in Torrance can deal with more advanced key fob systems on new cars to get you back in the vehicle. By training and attending refresher courses nationwide they are up to date on the latest tools and techniques out there.

We have a wholesale team who buy locks in bulk so we can pass on the savings to you, and we have a Varity of makes and models to suit any locksmith needs you might have.

So if you need any help with any lock problems in Torrance then don't wait, give us a call and we will provide an estimate that will be impressive.